Frequently Asked Questions

I have heard that pressure washing can damage my roof. What is your process to make sure that it doesn’t?

Cedar Shake Roofs

All roofs are inspected for key symbols that show the condition of the roof. Heat stress (not enough ventilation for the wood to breathe) on shake roofs is the number one killer of roofs. Heavy debris causes wet, moist wood, leading to rot and decay. Algae works in the same way. At GotMoss, we pressure wash with volume of water and not pressure. Conventional pressure washing consists of high pressure and low volume of water, generally three to five gallons of water at 3000psi or more. Before actual cleaning, pre-treatments (1% bleach) injected through the cleaning system for moss and algae are applied to help cut the dirt and moss – making the roof clean easier with less pressure, ensuring a safe and effective clean of your roof. We use 8 to 10 gallons of water per minute at less than 1800psi. It is the amount of water hitting the roof, and not the pressure that is cleaning the roof. The result is less damage to the roof and more surface space is covered. Roof cleaning of shake roofs is based on cleaning the roof (rain or shine) repairing the roof of any damage, and is generally the same day as cleaning. Treatment is applied as soon as the roof is totally dry and the weather is holding. Treatments are not as messy as the roof cleaning and generally only take a couple of hours to complete. Keeping your roof clean, having repairs done on a timely basis, and treating your roof will ensure up to five years of trouble-free worries.

Tile Roofs

Tile roofs are inspected at the time of estimate. Tile roofs can be cleaned with air alone or with gentle pressure washing. Most times tile has moss, which creates pressure in the tiles, allowing the tile edges and corners to crack and split. Debris is not good on tile, as it causes moss growth and can cause leaking. All valleys will be cleaned out to ensure proper drainage of water running off the roof surface. Most tile roofs require tile taping on joint seams routinely every three to five years. Yearly maintenance for debris removal.

Renewal Tile Treatment

Renew is a two-in-one complete chemical. Renew seals concrete, protecting it from moisture, which leads to cracking and pitting of the concrete tile. Renew can also be sprayed as a Moss Treatment. Retarding the growth of moss is what Renew does best. Renew can be sprayed on clean or dirty tile to remove or prevent the growth of moss, as well as cleaning the roof surface behind itself in between rain cycles.

Will your process leave a mess?

Roof cleaning is typically a messy process. We provide total clean-up from top to bottom. By cleaning and treating in two separate appointments, the house is rinsed twice to ensure no spots are left or missed. We double check all work to ensure top quality. Depending on the amount of roof run off, a fine dirt comes off the roof. The more black pore mold, fungus and debris, the more there is to clean. We rake and rinse the mess up. Our motto is “We Never Leave A Mess.”

What if I need repairs?

Repairs can be assessed at time of roof inspection. After the roof is cleaned, we can tell you the exact shape it is in. We can replace and repair any roof. GotMoss has over 15 years of roofing experience and is a licensed, bonded, and insured roofing contractor. GotMoss backs up all work with a five-year roof certification. If the roof is beyond repair and cannot be certified, it will be passed up for re-roofing. This is why we inspect all roofs for key signs at the time of the initial proposal. Inspection includes: ridge-cap, shake condition, venting, flashing, and valleys.

How often should I clean my roof?

With proper maintenance, such as keeping your roof free of debris, you should expect to repeat this process every three to five years. Routine gutter cleaning is recommended at least once a year.
Debris adds heat and causes rot and decay as well as moss. Routine rinsing of your roof and watching for any loose or missing shakes will extend the life of your roof. Be aware that wind storms around the Puget Sound are notorious for blowing various materials off, so periodically walk around and visually inspect your roof for these items.
We offer maintenance programs for moss and debris control for all types of roofs, decks, fences, and concrete surfaces.

What other services do you offer?

Cleaning All Roofing Surfaces (Cedar Shake, Composition, and Tile Roofing).
Deck Cleaning and Treatments.
Concrete Cleaning and Sealing, Both Wet Look and Acrylic Finishes.
Fence Cleaning and Treating.
Gutter Cleaning.
Siding Cleaning (Wood, Vinyl Siding).
Pressure Washing of Most Surfaces.
Moss Prevention Treatments.
Leak Repairs and Detection.
Paint Preparation.
Lacquer Based Wet Look Concrete Sealers.
Cure-N-Seal Treatments.
Yearly Maintenance Programs.
Inspections of Any Surface and Five-Year Roof Certifications.
Gutter Installation
5K aluminum gutters
6K aluminum gutter
Leaf Relief Gutters “Never clean your gutters again”
We service residential and commercial customers in both North King and Snohomish counties. No job is too small!

Do I need to be at home?

No, your duty as a homeowner is to make sure all windows and doors are closed completely. All vehicles should be moved away from the house and out of the driveway, as we have hoses running around the house and don’t want to damage your vehicles. Please be sure to advise us of any cars, boats, campers, or anything that you do not want to get wet. We walk the perimeter of the house and look for planter boxes, furniture, tools and move them away, as this helps to make the clean-up process more efficient. The more items out of the way, the easier clean-up will be.

What about my skylights

During the cleaning process we clean away from all skylights. Leaking is always a possibility and we advise you to put towels below the lights to protect furniture and carpet. It’s better to be safe than sorry Each skylight is different with flashing and roofing around the light. The location of the skylight can be a factor; we will discuss any problems with you that may cause any difficulties for us during cleaning. If moss treatment is applied to your roof, we will be happy to clean your skylights for you at no extra charge.

What about my swimming pool?

We recommend you schedule any outside roof maintenance for your home at the same time you have your pool’s annual cleaning. We cannot be responsible for debris landing in your pool during roof cleaning. If you choose to have the roof cleaning done, we will ask you to sign a release of liability.

We strongly recommend that you schedule any other projects, such as window washing or house painting, after the roof is cleaned and treated

Why should I choose GotMoss to clean my roof?

GotMoss is an owner-operated business, and has been since 1992. We operate a clean, honest business with pride and quality installed in every job, big or small. GotMoss is considered a leader in the roofing and roof cleaning field. GotMoss is a member of the Snohomish Chamber of Commerce, and has been recognized as a dependable contractor. When you’re looking for a contractor, inquire as to how many of them actually do the work or even touch the job at all. GotMoss has built a solid customer base, with over half of its business coming from repeat customers and referrals. We appreciate the opportunity to do business with you.

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